Who We Are


Management Team


Our management team is comprised of professionals with a wealth of experience in Project Management, Business Development, Operations Management, Accounting and System Development. The President and owner, Bogdan Siedlecki, has over 30 years of construction experience in a variety of facets such as interior renovations, exterior restoration, additions, and build outs. His expertise extends towards project management, systems development and client relations, which is the basis of our growth and stability. Jolanta Siedlecki, Managing Director, controls the finances of the corporation from taxes, payables, receivable and insurances. She has held this position since 1988. Rafal Krakowski has been employed since 2005, and brings with him 20 years of construction experience managing field operations, purchasing, estimating, and project management. He holds a degree in Economics from Krakow University in Poland. Justin Chiu is a graduate of Boston University with a BA in Business Administration who has 25 years of construction, land development and project management, and has been with the company since 2008. 

Customer Base

 Siedlecki Construction has a broad client base that ranges from local municipalities, city agencies, state agencies, and federal entities. Bergen County and Hudson County in New Jersey as well as Housing Authorities in Hoboken and Jersey City are our local customer base. In New York City, we are proud to call the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation a client as well. On the Federal level, our most substantial client is the United States Postal Service for whom we have been working for more than 20 years.  


 The construction industry is subject to change based on fluctuations in the financial market, government spending, housing demand, interest rates and a variety of other factors. Although, generally, the industry is sensitive to seasons, Siedlecki Construction, because of its unique clientele, is somewhat immune to these changes. The Federal Government spends billions of dollars annually on construction as do local, city and state municipalities. Siedlecki Construction can choose which jobs and with which agencies we wish to bid, depending on our needs. Although government spending varies as the administrations change, there is always a need for construction services. Government spending has become more conservative, and cost savings are at a premium. Energy saving and consolidation of space projects are predominant in the public sector, where municipalities are trying to save the buildings and structures they have or maximizing the usage of these buildings. These upgrades or usage changes require construction firms that are knowledgeable and experienced with this work. Siedlecki Construction is such a company.