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Performance Statement

Siedlecki Construction Company Inc. is proud of its staff and their management performance and the workmanship of our construction projects.  We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients. 

Immediately upon award of a project, we set into motion the compellation of shop drawings submittal list, sub-contractor list, schedule of values, and most importantly, the project construction schedule for approval. Concurrently, mobilization of project equipment and staff progresses for immediate start of the project.

Upon approval of the submittal list, shop drawings and samples are started for immediate submission and preparation work is completed during this process.

Construction work progresses in coordination with design professional to maintain the construction schedule.

Regular project meetings are set to discuss safety issues, to maintain progress, and to respond to questions and to provide continued project coordination with the owner and their design professionals.

Schedule and budget is always of the utmost concern. Siedlecki Construction’s record on previous projects has been complimented by our clients, as they continue to use our services.

At substantial completion of project, as-built documents, operation and maintenance manuals, warrantees and guarantees are submitted to the client for their use and knowledge of the building systems.

We at Siedlecki Construction have and will always stand behind our work and, if necessary, go beyond our warrantee periods to continue to assist our clients.